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Cybersecurity leader, red teamer vicariously, building and breaking things. I buy more books than I have time to read and invest more in my homelab than I probably should. Excited by Base64 strings, dashboards, and automating infrastructure deployment. Exploring more and more about DevOps and CI/CD to use in offensive security applications.

Husband. Father to the pups, Ranger and Willow.

Current items I’m working on:

  • Working towards my CISSP and OSCP certifications
  • Hack The Box and VulnHub write-ups
  • Developing Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) feeds using Discord, Elastic Stack (because, dashboards!)
  • Offensive DevOps & CI/CD pipelines

You can get in touch with me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or email if you’d like.

Also, check out my GitHub to take a peek at any projects I may be working on!

This Jekyll blog is hosted on a K3s cluster in my office, exposed to the internet via a Cloudflare Tunnel. Neat.